Biography of Sascha & Natascha Karabey

Born: 02. May 1978 in Seeheim-Jugenheim
Education: Elementary School 1984-1988, Gymnasium 1989-1997
School-Exam: Abitur
Profession: Travel Agent
Started Dancing: in 1989
Other Interests: Musik, Sports in general, books, electronic entertainment

Born: 03.September 1980 in Seeheim-Jugenheim
Education: Elementary School 1986-1990, Gymnasium 1991-1999
School-Exam: Abitur
Profession: Bank Assistant
Started Dancing: in 1991
Other Interests: Fitness (Cycling, Running), books

Parents Rüstem and Renate own a Social Dancing School in Bad Homburg
(a little town approximately 20km in the north of the city of Frankfurt am Main)

1992 Sascha und Natascha started dancing together